Creatures who seem to derive (sexual) pleasure from dehumanizing, physically and verbally assaulting, degrading, and raping female children and women.

These creatures create a demand for violent and dehumanizing pornography and are responsible for the fact that 90% of scenes in best-selling pornography depict violence against and degradation of women (see Robert Wosnitzer et al, 2006, "Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis", p. 18).

These creatures refer to female children and women as "cumdumpsters," "cunts," "kitchen appliances," "whores," "sluts" etc.

A recurring fantasy of these creatures (i.e., "men") is the wish to physically assault and rape women.

They keep submitting definitions like these:
3. female
An inferior species that, over the course of time, has not learned that it's purpose is sex. They have insisted that they be equal to men, when in fact, they could never be. Fat women should die.
Rape is fun. Really fun.

32. Woman
The useless lump of flesh surrounding the vagina
I was trying to fuck this vagina last night but that stupid woman kept fighting back

47. Women
"Women" were created for the sole purpose of serving man. Women's place is in the kitchen. She is not to speak back to man, if a women does speak back to a man, the man is allowed to bitch slap that women upside the head.
Women: I'm tired of you treating me like shit!

Man: -Bitch slaps Women- GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!

61. woman
A cunt that deserves to be slammed and beaten.
Woman is a vicious cunt who should be eradicated.

I can only urge girls and women to stay away from these creatures and never let their infinite hatred get you down.
by The Happy Humanist July 29, 2010

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