The opposite of women.
Just a plain and simple definition of men because there is a war between the sex on UD and that's a damn shame. Honestly my opinion of men is that I have had too many bad experiences with them but there are good men in my family, including my father, brother and uncles and my grandfathers (whom passed away years ago).

Too all the men on here who have something negative to say about women are one of the following:
1. Misogynist
2. Have no positive or decent female role models in your life
3. Are an asshole who's been dumped and rejected by every woman you've been with and rather take it out on women, beside examining yourself
4. Insecure with your masculinity to the point where you think belittling and downing women will make you more of a man
5. An immature jerk who needs to grow up
6. A jerk who's mother abandoned him, so he is mad at every woman in the world

To all the women on here who have something negative to say about men are:

1. Nazi-Lesbian
2. Had too many bad experiences with men and feel she should take it out on all men
3. No good male role models
4. Angry because her poppa is a rolling stone
5. Just been dumped by her boyfriend when he was an asshole in the first place
6. A woman who simply gives true, mature feminists a bad name (all feminists--damn near every feminist do not hate men)

And I, myself, am feminist; Not the "hate-every-man and become a lesbian" feminist, but the "all men and women should be treated equal and have equal rights and be on an equal level" feminist. But I think this war between the sexes is ridiculous.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
a random word usually expressing ones frustration or anger, when no other word can desribe the situation.
Guy: i think we need to break up, you not good enough
Girl: MEN! "kicks guy's junk"
by Mc Kallie November 19, 2006
(1) A man is a being that is very rare to find. A man is all the a woman wants. This is mainly; Kind, sensitive, sweet, funny - not crude, interesting, loving, mature, protective - not obsessed, sharing and gentle. However because you are very unlikley to find a man, you extremly unlikly to find men. So instead we call them lads or players. However if you do find a real man you are very lucky, so be careful!

(2) Lads / Players are normally at least one of those things out. Most have the 'need' to be sexist and like to shout things such as 'bend over darlin' and such like. They also have no idea of decency and like to brag about their sex positions.

(3) Players quite often like to Shoulder surf and sweet talk you whilst having a look round to see whos better. Lads / Players also have never ending cheesy chat lines such as , "I've lost my number can I have yours?" and "I like your top but it would look better on my bedroom floor" etc.

(4) Lads / Players also have a tendancy to tell all their mates exactly what happened last night. Some even do this in front of the female concerned. This is a stereotype known as a Jerk
(1) Mary: OMG. I think . . . I could of found . . . a man!!
Louise: No way. Does he have any brothers.
Mary: Yes but they're players
Louise:Not a family of men then?
Mary: No just the one.
Louise:Oh well make sure you keep him to yourself or you'll have a fight in your hands.
Mary: Totally

(2)I was walking a long my street, minding my own business just walking past a construction site, lolly pop in mouth. Suddenly this lad shouts wehey love nice job you're doing sucking that. Come on want to try me out?

(3) Mary goes to a club and catches the eye of some player.
Player: Hello, wanna come for a dance sweetheart?
Mary: Not really.
Player: Oh come on darling. What could happen. Come and have a dance. Eh?
Mary: ooh go on then
Player: Oh sorry Ive just seen someone I need to talk to. Give me your number and Ill call you if I get lost.
Mary: You wish

(4) Louise: I cant believe how good it was last night
Lad: Yeah I know. Do wanna come meet my mates?
Louise: Sure
Lad:Hey guys how fit is she?
*Wolf whistles etc*
Louise:Stop it
Lad: Well guess how hot she was last night? SO HOT. She is such a closet slut
Louise: OMG. You jerk
*Slaps him*
JERK: Chill babe
by Gary {mao} May 07, 2007
emotionless beings only on this planet to aid create many greenhouse gases & to break every girls heart. they are occassionally kind and considerate....but those ones are very rare, if you know one ...keep him!!!!
what were those pieces of filth?...oh just some men
by penelope February 03, 2005
Men: manipulative lying,cheating scumbags,who are the only reason sisters lose the PERSPECTIVE and FIGHT?Men are cheaters and credit stealers,not to be trusted as much as a collegue,as they know the ways in which a cheater can get ahead..women make more reliable work collegues..but i will say one thing they are better at forming comradery,know how to cover for thier cheating home boys ..some thing the sisters need to change BADLY.
Men are the only reason women get pushed the early centuries we were female muses the wives of the einsteins giving the ideas and the men just taking them as their own and even putting intellectual credit on them..

BUT NOW THE TABLE HAS TURNED.Women have jobs,Women have Money and more Women are not afraid to COME OUT or HAVE A SEX LIFE..OR HAVE TWO JOBS..OR GET CRAZY BOTOX..THEY AINT FUCKIN CARE NOW there are fewer retributions but some are still shunned by society..which is sad and pushes the developing sister backwards on to the shitty std infested man path.

1. Responsible for all wars throughout human history because they are too irrational and violent to find any other means to solve conflict.

2. Unnecessary part of the human species. After being forced to jerk off into a paper cup at age 13 (which may be used later used to impregnate females) they may be sent to camps to perform the menial tasks woman are too good to do.
I actually love men; I just wish they would see how ridiculous they are and respect, love, and cherish women the way the deserve.
by Annee May 05, 2006
Selfish, inconsiderate, shallow creatures that have no idea how to keep their genitals in their pants. They think that the world revolves around their penis, and will basically have sex with anything in a skirt. Also extremely stupid and gullible, men idolise (and masturbate over) slutty models / porn stars / actresses, thinking that these ''beautiful'' women look like that naturally. They go on about how (insert celebrity name here) is ''so bangable,'' etc not knowing this woman is probably a hideous bag of lumpy skin underneath all that airbrushing and caked off makeup, which you could only take off with a powerdrill.
Q: What do you call men that's lost 99% of their intelligence?

A: Divorced.
by Rozalyn September 22, 2006

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