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Men are very misintrepreted creatures in this world. Mostly from the Hollywood idea or "sterotypical" theory that they are useless, perves, only think about sex, bang as many women as they can, have no emotional connections, don't care about a girl's feelings, are dominate all the time, sexist, and many many more things.
Many men in this world are exactly like that, or fit under at least one definition that's bad. But, many of them are caring, emotional, fun, and don't just think about their wants. They don't just want to "fuck" a girl and they have respect. I'm so tired of stupid girls who are all jacked up and being overly emotional about themselves. Grow up and get a husband. Men who complain about girls being too emotional or selfish have all the right in the world because look at some of the girls around us! Not all of girls are like that though, so don't say we all are. But its unfair for girls to say all men are horrible when look at all the women. Men do want real love no matter what anyone says about that. Some of them are just too insecure and cover their real feelings up with nasty jokes, sexual disrespect, and sexism. We will always need men to "reproduce" and to share pleasure with. And no, we don't all just want sex as some emotional loving joy and all for our feelings, but for fun and pleasure too. Don't assume that. If men want to say otherwise, then they too can just go right under the sterotypical category and it won't matter because there's already dozens in there. But, high fives for men. We need them, we love them, we couldn't function without them.
Fag: All men suck, they just want sex.
Me: No, your just mad because you can't get any.
Fag: Oh, but men still suck.
Me: Screw You.
by JoeandJane June 08, 2007

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