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less humane, the opposite of women
grossly exaggerates overall achievement, ginormous ego
rarely wins a bon-a-fide argument, admits defeat quickly
hurls insults when rejected, loses face easily and admits lower status.
of lowly status on Earth, not God-like, and destroyed by God because they are evil.
weak decision maker, only thinks of self.
men: I want you to meet "my better half".
women: To hear him tell it, he was "EZ-Jack-U-Later 2"
men: Okay! I was wrong, I said I was sorry already.
men: "Fuck You, bitch, whore. There's more where you come from"
Bible: God made man lower than the Angels. God is not like man (men). God destroyed all first born males (men), etc., etc., etc.
men to women: So what do you want to do? Suck me?
by shelah March 17, 2008
1. The inferior gender of the human race. And, with enough technological advancements, they will be rendered obsolete in the human reproductive process because the female eggs will be able to be transformed into "pseudosperm". (This has already been tested on mice, producing a fair amount of success).

2. The approximate half of the human population that acts like dogs. And therefore, should be treated like dogs. (Ex: removal of all reproductive organs)
1. Men are useless. Except for that long, dangly thing between their legs, which can be mass produced and purchased in a variety of colors anyway. So, yes, men are useless.

2. I just got my husband castrated.
by Silverflames7 August 01, 2005
- The word "man" in Russian-English slang.
U mens))) plix help mi))) (when a russian begging for help)

The proper English way is: "Man, please help me!"
by Nayumi October 09, 2006
A word used by non-english people on a game to reference an individual. Used in place of man, people, guy, etc.
Mens, why must we bun mens? Mens, GMs are teh itens mens itens plix?
by Darkain August 02, 2006
The other half of the human population. Despite what extremists think, we do not deserve to be killed, castrated, mutilated, etc. I ask you, what is the difference in me saying "all women are she-demon with tits that suck you dry of your money," and you saying "all men are dogs, pigs, deserve to be castrated." Think before you say things.
Dr. King once said "Judge a man not by his skin color, but by the content of his character." Judge people by their character, not by what skin color, sex, religion, or culture someone comes from. I find this to be becoming mainstream and acceptable in our culture, to simply demean somebody or an entire demographic based on something that is outside that person or demographics control. I didn't choose to be male, it simply turned out that way. I didn't choose to be white, it simply turned out that way. Most of the rest of the male population and I do not rape women or molest young girls. But there is always going to be bad people among any demographic. Like most black people don't steal, and most immigrants are not illegal.

So I implore you to stop making generalized statements (i.e. "all men are pigs"), blanket accusations, and gross usage of stereotypes and calling it "just" or "right." It is not right, it is not just, and it is not ok.
woman:"All men are pigs"
man:"how would you know about the behavior of an entire demographic of people numbering at approx. 3.5 billion? How do you have the gall to accuse HALF of HUMANITY, off of the infinitesimally small group of men that you have ever met? how about you use logic instead of stupidity and feelings to make an argument before regurgitating misandric and bigoted statements."
by aegisofreason August 22, 2013
Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now....
I never looked at it this way before:
MEN tal illness
MEN strual cramps
MEN tal breakdown
MEN opause
GUY necologist
When we have REAL trouble, it's a
HIS terectomy

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN??
Men; found so commonly in woMANs problems! Explains a lot..
by off'with'the'fairies. October 08, 2011
About 48 percent of the population, have dildos made of flesh stuck to them (which is kind of cool!). Unfortunately, they suffer lots of bad PR from frustrated, sexist internet idiots.
Not all men think like the idiots you see on the internet!
by SookyRottweiler November 27, 2013