A human with a penis. Also without breasts, hopefully. Not to be confused with boys, they tend to be cheating bastards who do not respect their human counterpart; women. A smaller portion of the male race redeems the race by acting like men.
Nice men don't finish last, they finish happiest.
by hopeful_chick November 02, 2008
Men can be the most wonderful thing ever for a woman to meet , or they can be selfish pigs who want women to do everything for their lazy asses. All men are different , so you would have to get to know a man before you judge him , but women can be just as bad by judging him to soon and not loving a man , just wanting to suck him dry of his money. Some woman will respect a man and not care about the money , just how much they love their man. In return a REAL man should give respect back and love her , help her with the house work , and honestly think they are equals. Men should not have to respect women who are bitches to them and steal their money and so on , so if any man out their is being treated badly by a woman and getting no respect from their equal , and you ARE respecting her , then dump the bitch and go find yourself a REAL woman , and leave sterotypical woman behind.

I know for a fact men and women are exactly the same , even though they look different , deep-down their all equals , because some women are either nice or mean and thats the same for men.

if your a man and you think your better than all woman , just because your a man ... THEN FUCK YOU! AND IM TALKING TO THE WOMEN AS WELL IN THIS KIND OF MATTER!

and unfortunately , woman have to suffer with periods and have mood swings they cant control sometimes , and REAL men will know she cant help it , will not judge and try to not get in the way of the mean machine of the month!
It affects men to , so sorry for the men who have to grin and bear it every once a month , but im sure it will help if you think about how the women is feeling just as bad as you ( pain-wise ).

Without men , the human race could survive.

Without women , the human race could not survive.
both men and women are responsible for being parents and should not leave the baby alone with the other parent , they should work together as a team. Sadly a lot of men still try to be better than woman and don't realize the equality. The olden days , when men ruled , women were useless because no-one taught them to do anything except raise kids and now look at today , how society has become better! I hope im alive to see men and women treated the same and the mojority of them dont act like complete pricks. With the women today , and how they are comparing to many years ago , i beleive that day will come some day.

the point of this is really...

Men ... can't live with them , can't live without them.

Woman ... can't live with them , can't live without them.

I hope this writing makes you realise the true solution , even though the solution to the problem with men and women will probably solved on its on , in time...

Thank You For Reading :D :)
by Tina.B ( teen-queen ;) :P ) August 16, 2008
really a form of entertainment for women, and are very useless
by men suck July 05, 2010
Not really any purpose. They say Women are useless sex objects who are only good for cooking, cleaning , etc, then get mad when the women bitch at them. Think they are the greatest people alive. Most guys are ug-a-ly. Sometimes there are cool men, but they usually get killed by another man, because in man-life you have to be a worthless ass.
Guy who you just met: Lets fuck, you're blonde, I'm horny.
Blonde girl: How about not?
Guy who you just met: What a bitch! Go do the dishes, cunt! MEN RULE!
by funkfunk April 13, 2006
simple, and yet complex. A bundle of feelings, that they never show. Ahh, who the fuck am i kidding, men are just a dick between two ballz, and dont let them tell you different.
"Honey, i was not thinking about sex!"
"Can you adleast take your hands off my tit while you lie to me?!"
by Kandice March 13, 2005
Predictable beings; species that never change (or evolve).
Good guys/men have the same intention as bad boys.
by ladynz April 24, 2008
People who write "a woman must bey the three C's: Cooking, Cleaning, Sucking" but still get very upset when you call them primordial beasts, porn-crazed cavemen and uncivilized Neanderthals

Men: Women are there to serve men. They are mobile dishwashers and sex slaves! They deserve to be slammed and beaten"
Women: Lollololololololololol!!! The men of UD Uhuhuhu *making monkey noises* Hey Cavemen, who let you out of the zoo?
by The Happy Humanist February 14, 2010

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