a 'ME moment'
during a busy day at work, when things just get too much, take a 'MEmo', do something YOU enjoy, like a cheeky little game of Solitaire (or the like)
by simonf70 October 12, 2009
basically a mexican that dresses like an emo
Dude #1: Yo check out that mexican over there dress in all black.
Dude #2: Thats not mexican, that a memo, a mexican emo. They're rare but they exist
by ShadyGangsta November 23, 2008
An emo that claims to be "expressing themself"
Ted: Does James always wear biker boots?
Mark: Yeah, he's such a MEmo.
by ECHO 27 March 29, 2009
N., Adj., V. From The Latin "Ya N Shit." Mentally Emo; Mentally cutting yourself. Being of a certain state or mind, wherein, the individual has thoughts concerning the feelings of violent death-causing events.
Memo can occur when listening to Dashboard Confessional...Waayyyyyyyy Ya N Shit right now...and has thoughts of emocity, but cannot be it in real life.

See Also Emocticism, Emocracy, Ij.
by Teh N3wbish One December 07, 2008
the uncontrollable urge to be a bitch
That girl is all memo and shit
by Willard330 April 10, 2009
A Moari Emo, (basically any Emo in Merivale
you hear an emo say yo fuck yo nigga, then go off and cry in the corner about his mum ironing a crease in his little girl skinny jeans. Thats a MEmo
by Muras September 05, 2007
the tragic blending of any genre of metal and emo music or its subculture.

this includes clothing and hair styles crossing both aspects, as well as overly sensitive lyrics being screamed over double bass.

this group is not to be confused with the goth kids, which make up an entirely different sort of whiny angst.
person 1: "did you hear that HIM is playing the projekt revolution tour?"
person 2: "i hope that lil' jimmy urine kicks their memo ass"
by pink aqua dress May 13, 2007

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