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Similar to hey! or hi! - Popular and Informal greeting used among young people in spanish language and travelled people as a trendy greeting. Used either with friends or unkown people.
Hola ! how are you?

r: Hola!
by Malevox April 23, 2005
The only spanish word a murican knows besides tortilla.
by mascarenhas January 12, 2015
Is a spanish Word That means hi
Hola, Whats your WhatsApp?
by Dgkool September 01, 2015
"Hola!" Charlie says when I walk by her house.
by BlueberryBear May 27, 2015
Someone trying to spell "holla" but can't.
Missy: "Man this it my type of place, holla" (pointing at sign that reads "hola")
Jessica: "Girl that's hola."
by xlogicxbitches November 10, 2010
Pronounced "Whole-a." Verb: To stick your nose in someones ass and spin.
"dude, you just gave that chick a hola.
by Queen LaQueefa March 26, 2007
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