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Shortened form of Guillermo, which is Spanish for "William". Memo therefore means "Bill" or "Billy".
Jose: Hey Memo! Pass the empanadas!
by Da Truf September 05, 2004
A playful term taken from the movie Office Space, usually in a sarcastic attempt to remind someone of irrelevant information.
There was a boat show on Saturday. Didn't you get that memo?
by T Hizzle May 28, 2005
Notification about the latest in emo news. Can be about concerts, CDs, breakups, etc.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear about the new Dead Poetic CD?
Guy 2: Nah, I guess I didn't get the mEmo.
by Dubz April 24, 2005
Pronounced MeeeeeeeMoe.

A crackheaded Mom who likes to pawn her kids stuff to get money for pills.

See also: Crack Mama
Yo man my Memo took my PSP again! That shit is up at the Value Pawn.
by Secret Sasscwatch April 19, 2008
A Me-mo is a poser person who copies your goth/punk/hardcore emo style in a toned down, somewhat wimpy emo style.
Me: Dammit, that girl over there is always copying my style! She's such a Me-mo!
by Andariel The Cool December 03, 2009
a 'ME moment'
during a busy day at work, when things just get too much, take a 'MEmo', do something YOU enjoy, like a cheeky little game of Solitaire (or the like)
by simonf70 October 12, 2009
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