A word that can be used in replacement for any and all English and non-English words.
How are you? Meh.
你好吗? Meh.

What grade did you get? Meh.

How heavy is your backpack? Meh.

Whatcha doin? Meh-ing.

Why not? Meh.
by the MEH man 00000 October 24, 2011
a word that means yes without actually saying it.

chris :do you want to sit down and talk about it?

courtney: meh
chris: ok sounds good!
by chriscrue January 24, 2011
A phrase to say for any reason such as shalom, say meh when in owkward times. or anytmes at all.

Can also be used to break an awkward silence.
oh hey guys its zack

(awkwerd silance)

by zestarap December 15, 2010
Act to sound indifferent. Not caring about the act of something important, or the repercussions. Also, in response to an answer requesting opinion, implying either non-caring about the subject or open-mindedness to the result.
by HappyThings4Eva July 11, 2010
1. an even whatever-er way to say whatever, as you don't care enough to use more than one syllable.
2. something to say when youre in a hurry or don't know what to say.
3. a verbal shrug.
4. a way to avoid conversation/annoy your parents, except less expected than "I like pie".
5. a general way to show unexcitedness, reluctance, or indifference.
Teacher: It's time for math!
Kids: Meh.
by Amaya_Sakaruta_ June 30, 2010
There are two.
1. The word equivalent to a shrug
2. The word you use when you are in a bad mood and you want to be alone.
Hey Cory, want to know what's for dinner?" "Meh
by Catsoup June 10, 2010
its something you say when you have a temper tantrum. instead of yelling, you just say "meh" but you have to push something over to really give its effect.
mom: clean your room
son: no!
mom: okay then no video games until you do
son: MEH! (pushes over chair)
by mzbreezibaby May 31, 2010

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