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7 definitions by Catsoup

1. Someone who doesn't care what other people feel. Usually used in a sense of REVENGE!!!!
2. A very good song by Kanye West.
1. O-M-G! Did you hear? Jake dumped Ash for Courtney because Ash had a zit! What a heartless SOB!

2. In the night I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless. ~~Kanye West
by Catsoup June 13, 2010
20 15
A nickname for Blackberry, usually used when a person is addicted to their Blackberry, and/or uses it in places their not supposed to (i.e., dinner table, cocktail party, etc.)
B: *click click* "Joe called Sara who texted C.C. who emailed Fred who chatted to Bob that Georgia and Ramone are both getting amputations after they have kids!"
K: "Yea Dad. No Crackberry." *click click*
by Catsoup August 19, 2010
12 8
It's when you say sorry, but it's pronounced sorreh.
dude, why'd you spit in my face?
by Catsoup June 10, 2010
4 2
There are two.
1. The word equivalent to a shrug
2. The word you use when you are in a bad mood and you want to be alone.
Hey Cory, want to know what's for dinner?" "Meh
by Catsoup June 10, 2010
1 1
1. Only the coolest website on the web!
2. Also, it's what you put after an ironic, epic, or karma-y message on the web.
1. MyLifeIsAverage dotcom is a really cool site!!
2. Today, I was walking down 3rd street and I saw a homeless man with a sign that said,"This will be you in 45 years if you don't give me a high-five. FTW!" I didn't give him a high-five. MLIA
by Catsoup June 13, 2010
33 39
There are actually 2 definitions:
1. Same here
2. I totally agree
Dude, Karen looks horrible! Woah, what happened to your face?" "Ditto.
by Catsoup June 09, 2010
163 173
A lot like meh, can be used for just about anything. If you're annoyed, just keep saying stuff and the person will go away.
So, let's play handball! Wanna come?
No, I got some stuff to do.
What stuff?
Tell me!
Just stuff, okay?!?
Okay, well, bye!
by Catsoup June 11, 2010
2 23