A word used to show indifference.
"Barack Obama, you are the first Black president, do you think you are ready to take office?"
by thecrazymonkey February 17, 2009
used sometimes by nackers/chavs to substute the word "me"
photo album called: "meh"(contains picters of the person who owns the myspace,bebo or whatever)
by St3v3n .......r July 27, 2008
The origins of the word "meh" are not known, however, sources have said that the origins can be traced from the aberdeen and embassy area of Woodbridge Ontario and also from the downtown core of Brantford, Ontario. The exact defintion of the word meh has also not yet been established, however, it is often used in the context of "I dont know" or "I dont care". It has been recognized as a wonder of the world, due to its amazing capaiblity of changing meanings often. more information will be posted once the proper definition has been uncovered along with examples.
How was your day? Meh
by rawlings123342 April 30, 2008
1. Used to portray indifference, along with words such as eh whatever and shruging.

2. Used in chatrooms as a misspelling of me or my. Often displays ownership of a good quality, object, or hot guy.
1. p1: How was your day?
p1:...Which means...?
p2: I don't care. Bugger off.

2. p1: u think im mean??? i dont care, at least i got meh good looks!!!!
p1: lol did u check out meh spiffeh blog???
p1: OMG! Rafael is meh favorito ninja turtle!!!111!!
by Ducki February 22, 2008
The word meh is just another word for me or my.
"mom have you seen meh hat?"
"meh kitty is LIKE rainbow you noob!!! oh you just got powned!!!!"
by xXSadLittleMuffinXx February 10, 2008
1. equivilant to shrugging your shoulder, and saying i dont know, or not really . you could even shrug your shoulders will saying it if you want.

2. when imitating someone add mehh in there for an extra dramatic effect.

1. "hey you wanna go to the movies tonight?"
" meh, not really"

2. i said dont touch me and she was like mehhhh i can touch whoever i wanttt
by x emmmmy x33 May 23, 2007
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