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The word meh is just another word for me or my.
"mom have you seen meh hat?"
"meh kitty is LIKE rainbow you noob!!! oh you just got powned!!!!"
by xXSadLittleMuffinXx February 10, 2008
1. equivilant to shrugging your shoulder, and saying i dont know, or not really . you could even shrug your shoulders will saying it if you want.

2. when imitating someone add mehh in there for an extra dramatic effect.

1. "hey you wanna go to the movies tonight?"
" meh, not really"

2. i said dont touch me and she was like mehhhh i can touch whoever i wanttt
by x emmmmy x33 May 23, 2007
The art of Meh in its self a path to enlightenment to mean so much and yet so litle. One learning the ways of Meh is named you guessed it a Meh sometimes a Meher.
"Whats your stance on human society on a whole including the spreading corruption and sensless wastage."


"I see hmmm"
by Callum July 09, 2005
It originally came from the frnech "muet", (pronunciation: mweh), meaning "mute"

this serves as something to say when you'd just as well remain mute, spoken silence if you will.
-What the fucks wrong with you?
by Moko February 15, 2005
by penny-arcade forum members it is to be used in ways that make no sense

Rather than using "meh" to show indifference they use it to imply the extreme opposite in an argument, negative emotion, or complete disapproval.

Also in some cases it is used to make ones self feel cool. Possibly validating ones meager existence.
1: (in responce to being told a joke)
"Meh, that's the worst joke I ever heard in my entire life."

note: the user of the term has opened up the sentence with "meh"(which denotes a lack of opinion) but finished with an extreme posistion on the joke, thereby defining themselves as an ignoramus.
by En Sabah Nur March 10, 2004
Spoken when one is indifferent or oblivious to what another person says. Usually said when one doesn't care, isn't interested or isn't in the mood.
<Father> Say, son, what say we go see Avril Lavigne, live on stage!?
<Son> Meh.

<Wife> C'mon! Let's have sex!
<Husband> Meh.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 07, 2003
Indifferance or simply the end to a uncomfortable conversation or question.Comonly used by a unique type of human called a Webster
Girl:do you think I'm pretty?


Question evaded
by @om February 08, 2014