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(n.) the extensive fear of dark colored people.
Stephanie is afraid of black people, i think she has niggaphobia!
by des November 08, 2004
Drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!!
Man, that guy over there is so dang seky!!!!
by Des March 27, 2005
put spin on a pool shot in such a way as to make the cue ball travel in a curve
English my ass... this pool table is so shitty you couldn't make a straight shot if you wanted to
by des September 15, 2003
it means like "for real?!"
Person1: Ay Yo I Just Got 20$
Friend: Fo Shizzle?! What you gunna buy?!
by Des August 19, 2003
Someone who can take a full erect cock in their mouth without gagging much like a sword swallower but with more pleasurable outcome
That Deborah is a right Cockswallower
by Des February 17, 2005
A mothafuckin PIMP. He is the crunkest, highest, dopest mothafuckin nerd on Urban Dictionary. Recognize.
I owe DDAWG money. DDAWG is going to pimp smack me and make me run trains with grandma hoes.
by Des October 11, 2004
A term for someone who is of mixed race (black and white).
"Gram" meaning brown and "cracker" meaning white
Halle Barry is a gram cracker
by Des February 20, 2005
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