An audible shrug and sign of general indifference.
Shows vague disinterest or uncaringness for the topic or question at hand.
"How are you feeling today?"
by JapBearDude April 25, 2008
a sound or word which is used when no other word can describe what you want to say
I want you to tidy (while favourite TV show is on)
by Pandora Styles January 01, 2008
"Meh" Is the word typed or said when someone either;
1.Cant be bothered to say anything else
2.Is too busy to type anything else
3.Doesnt really care
4.Is trying to say fuck off bitch i hate you, but gently..
Person 1:Do you love me?
Person 2: meh

Person 1:What did you get for Christmas?
Person 2: meh
by Nut Bag December 28, 2007
A different way to say "my" or "me" or to describe something as boring or that you don't care.
Girl: Meh(me) and meh(my) friend had a meh(boring) day today.
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
meh means
i don care
shut up fool
i feel... ahh im to lazy
so how was the hockey game last nite
is that good or bad
(in this case the person is basically saying shut up i dont care about a damn hockey game.
by strikers November 14, 2005
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