In some cases used as an indicator of the agent's disappointment towards some event. The event in question is often symbolized by an other agent in a statement of some sort - thus seldom following a non-communicative significant occurrence.
Characterized by often constituting an entire answering sentence by itself.
A: We are having manure for dinner.
B: Meh.
by Cezar Z. May 31, 2005
A multipurpose word which can be used to mean almost anything.
"Hows you?"

"Dya fancy goin oot l8r?"

"She's a bit fine ent she?!"
by Phil8505 May 18, 2005
a sound made to describe emotions; can be positive or negative or neutral
"how are you feeling today?"
by Tami Siu May 11, 2005
'Meh' is Swedish slang for 'men' which translates to -but-
When said quickly 'men' becomes 'meh' and sounds nothing like 'meow'. It's hard, sudden and used in frustration. MEH!
"meh! that's not right." or most commonly just plain "MEH!"
by phr3ak July 04, 2004
1. non-committal to occasionally slightly negative interjection
2. adjective meaning "not very good"
"What do you want to do tomorrow?" "Meh"
"My exams were a bit meh"
by MagentaAntoid May 30, 2014
Used when you really don't know what to say and/or someone asks you what you think of something and you just think its ok. Or used if you are simply too lazy to say anything else.
-So, how was the party?
by SojournerTruth February 11, 2014
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