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1. Founder of Megaman The Legend, a writer and a graphic designer, MegamanNova is usually a nice guy, who is willing to help out anyone in a jam, and is ready to bat for anyone. However, if someone get's on MMN's bad side, they will feel the full wrath of Nova.

2. Main character in the fan fiction, Megaman Nova. Dr. Michael Nova was a young robotics developer who specialized in new Titanium X armor technology. After an encounter with Dr. Albert Wily and his creation, Zero, Nova was accidentally enfused with the armor he was working on for the original Megaman, and somehow survived, becoming a Reploid. Nova's primary weapons are the Nova Buster, the Nova Saber, and the body crash attack, Nova Strike.
Megaman, Megaman X, Rockman
by MegamanNova April 11, 2005

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