A word in Ireland. It is another word for a snog or make-out. The usual "meet" lasts around 30 secounds or more. A person who has not "met" anyone before is called a frigit.
Will you meet me.
Will you meet my friend.
by adrunkirshfella July 09, 2010
to pash,snog or french-kiss used mostly in ireland {dublin and cork}.
sean: youve gone out with her loads of times but did u meet ciara yet?

kieran: ummm... no.

sean: u cant go into secondary school being a frigit!!!!! will u meet her?

kieran: ummm......
by david96 April 03, 2009
French kiss, often used in Ireland and heard a lot in liverpool uk

used mainly in youths
"hey girl will ya meet him over there?"

"have you met you're boyfriend/girlfriend yet?"
by JaneK September 27, 2007
A word used commonly in a lot of part's of Ireland and certain part's of England.
Mean's french kiss/tongue/make-out ,
very common at teenage disco's , generally very casual, just because you meet someone doesn't mean you're in a relationship with them.
Met- Past tense of meet , already happened. 'Yeah , I met him last night'
Meet- 'Omg, you really gonna meet him?!'
On the meet- The time from when you agreed to meet them to the time when you actually do , during that period of time you're 'on the meet' with them, 'I'm on the meet with Adam.. '
by JedwardFanxo January 26, 2011
A saying people use in Belfast.
It means to have a wee bitta tongue wars with someone. It is v.fun
At St Mary's Disco
Wee lad:Yo lv, will you meet my mate he said your gr8
by Yerma69 October 23, 2014
An Irish word for snogging.
Person 1: Hey, will ya meet me?
Person 2: No, you're not wearing chinos.
by ARandomPanda January 29, 2012
An English slang word for snogging, but with tounges
"Woah, did you see Isaac and Tiffany meet the other day? It was hot!"
by nikeyyyyy December 17, 2008
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