to make out as the americans say, or snog
hey did you see emily and jack meeting at that party
by katy bell April 25, 2011
a term for kissing with tongues used commonly in Liverpool
dick head lad: "ay girls any meets?"
girls: "nah you'd be lucky"

girl: "omg i can't believe i met him last night!"
by x-Jay-x June 21, 2007
To open mouth kiss someone for over 10 seconds,usually used In Dublin
So,any meets
by Dublin slang May 13, 2011
Used in Dublin, meet is to french kiss someone. People usually meet while in a relationship or in a disco. Most teenagers at discos might meet their friends or people they don't know. After the meet they would usually just walk away and not make any verbal contact with the person they meet if they did not know them.
Boy: "do you wanna meet my friend? *points to boy*
Girl: "Ok?"
by ilovemefella December 05, 2010
Is also used in Warrington. As in to french kiss. Future: going to meet. Current: meeting. Past: Met
Will you meet my mate. John met Sue last night. Have those two gone off to meet each other?
by Danny Porter April 04, 2006
To french kiss ; hook up with. I guess it's used alot in ireland, but it was big in South Boston, Mass. in like the mid to late 90's.
Ew I can't believe you want to meet Jason.
by twanks June 08, 2007
The Irish version of ''make out'' (USA) or ''snog'' (UK)..
Irish Slang for a kiss with tongue.
I wish I could meet Megan Fox.
I met that girl over there.
Will you meet my friend.
by Jay Jay Newbridge 123 June 26, 2010

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