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to get very high by smoking the reefer
Guy: How come you missed your frist day at school?

Girl: I was so donnie last night that I even for got what a school is...
by pooponyou August 04, 2005
To get high, stoned, blasted, tore up, etc...
Man, I was so donnie last night from smoking weed i couldn't even move.
by pooponyou July 21, 2005
phrase used when you are at home or over at someone's house smoking weed.
Boy: Where were you last night, you missed your grandma's wake...

Girl: I was over at Dave's house in a meeting.
by pooponyou July 25, 2005
The way a person feels when they are having a good time. It is occaisionally followed by the shaking of your booty .
After she returned home she partied like a funduck and shook her booty all night long.
by pooponyou November 30, 2003

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