An Irish word for snogging.
Person 1: Hey, will ya meet me?
Person 2: No, you're not wearing chinos.
by ARandomPanda January 29, 2012
A term used in most parts of Ireland, slang for french kissing. ( snog, shift, frenching )
1: I cant belive you met Seán!
2: Will you meet my friend?
by edezgirl October 13, 2011
Also used in most parts of east durham in england, (easington area) it means to snog, or kinda act as if your going out with someone for one night.
'jonny wants to meet ya, so will ya?'
'i met him last week at the disco'
by Vic April 01, 2005
In the North-East of England to meet someone means basically to date someone, or act as if you were going out with someone for a night. It is seen as less serious than going out with someone.

Girl-We have been meeting someone for 3 weeks now..dont you think we should go out
Boy- No


Girl- I cant believe you had sex with a Pony
Boy- I didnt think you would mind cos were only meeting.


Boy1- Did you get any action last night
Boy2-Yeah I met 3 girls and this Pony
by Robert Dickinson March 21, 2006
1. verb: to encounter your girlfriend while on a on a date with someone else
2. To have intercourse

3. Proper Noun: Indian/Punjabi name applied to guys who are not manly enough to be called manmeet
4. A really buff guy with a small penis
"Meet, you are mine!"
by meetika May 04, 2009
A word mostly used in young Irish culture. To engage in kissing which involves tongues between a male and a female normally. It is sometimes done in front of an audience because people try to arrange these encounters to watch and to entertain themselves. Used more along the adolescent age group than older individuals.
(Boy is talking to another classmate about when some of his friends are going to "meet")

Boy- "Kate is meeting Alex after school"

Boy2-"Is she?! I can't miss that!"
by Wicked informer February 24, 2011
beef, chicken, pork...a food product from a dead animal used in fast food places like BK, KFC, and Mickey D's
"Sorry we closed. We out of meet."
(actual sign hung on a door in a Philadelphia Burger King)
by laslo January 15, 2009

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