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A disgusting roast beef who will do anything for hard meat.
Nikki could not stop trying to get laid by Brad the hard meat holder, she's such a meat lover.
by I-C-MEAT February 04, 2010
3 5
a substitution for the word dick, meaning sex.
That girl is fine, she could get the meatlovers.
by bringonthetrumpets June 25, 2009
23 2
grotesquely disgusting faces, usually plauged with acne or herpes.
Did you think cherie was hot

hell no shes a meat lovers.
by penishandler April 13, 2011
2 0
a guy who is obsessed with sluts and prostitutes and is all he thinks about.
damn shaniqwa you got herpes from that damn meatlover i told you to watch out for those guys.
by click April 02, 2005
3 12