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A sick brand of snowboards.
Dude, check out my new jennyus I just bought.
by Click January 15, 2005
The Illest Gangsta in all of D-Town.
Lets all go to Bessnutz house and get crunk.
by Click January 12, 2005
a guy who is obsessed with sluts and prostitutes and is all he thinks about.
damn shaniqwa you got herpes from that damn meatlover i told you to watch out for those guys.
by click April 02, 2005
when jenny is asleep you cum in her ear and wait for it to dry so when she wakes up she has a dry willy.
jennys asleep... lets give her the old dry willy. then we can bitchslap that ho
by click January 18, 2003
after the gyno gives you a papsmear, he wipes it in your face thus creating a papshmear.
That asshole Joe the Gyno got some papshmear in my nose.
by click January 18, 2003
Dallas,OR Where the hicks drink and the mexicans stink!
D-Town the place were bessnut stays ill.
by Click January 15, 2005
a word substituting the word/gang rip n dip for gang related reasons and so the parentals wont bust your ass.
jaquida you better tell your parents that rip n dip really means fun dip so you wont get whipped!
by click April 02, 2005
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