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a substitution for the word dick, meaning sex.
That girl is fine, she could get the meatlovers.
by bringonthetrumpets June 25, 2009
A child born out wedlock f.k.a. known as a lovechild.
Ex: I wouldn't wife her but I'd work a couple bang babies out that behind.

Ex: How old is your son? He ain't mines thats my girls bang baby

Ex: I know ole' girl she got a bang baby for my boy.

Ex: How you gon' ignore me? It's your bang baby too. You best take care of your responsibility boy!
by bringonthetrumpets November 30, 2009
the phrase yelled in response to males performing effeminate acts, possibly of the homosexual nature.
Ex: Hey Guy's I Just Baked Cookies Want Some? Man Down!

Ex: I don't like SOCOM its too graphic. Man Down!

Ex: I know the games on but can you turn back to Gilmore Girls real quick. Man Down!

Ex: I'll just have a light beer. Man Down!

Ex: Supersize? No thank you. Man Down!
by bringonthetrumpets December 05, 2009

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