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a substitution for the word dick, meaning sex.
That girl is fine, she could get the meatlovers.
#sex #bang #celibacy #smash #hit that
by bringonthetrumpets June 25, 2009
the phrase yelled in response to males performing effeminate acts, possibly of the homosexual nature.
Ex: Hey Guy's I Just Baked Cookies Want Some? Man Down!

Ex: I don't like SOCOM its too graphic. Man Down!

Ex: I know the games on but can you turn back to Gilmore Girls real quick. Man Down!

Ex: I'll just have a light beer. Man Down!

Ex: Supersize? No thank you. Man Down!
#no homo #man up #effeminate #gangstalicious #man-down
by bringonthetrumpets December 05, 2009
A child born out wedlock f.k.a. known as a lovechild.
Ex: I wouldn't wife her but I'd work a couple bang babies out that behind.

Ex: How old is your son? He ain't mines thats my girls bang baby

Ex: I know ole' girl she got a bang baby for my boy.

Ex: How you gon' ignore me? It's your bang baby too. You best take care of your responsibility boy!
#lovechild #static shock #baby momma #baby daddy #maury
by bringonthetrumpets November 30, 2009
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