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large nipples, the size of a typical pepperoni or larger, can either 'puff' out from or be flush with the rest of the breast, typical of large-breasted girls but can be on any size breast
My girlfriend has some sexy "pepperoni nipples" on her big tits that I want to suck on all the time because they are so hot.
by nipplelover April 09, 2006
when your nipples exceed the limit of your tittie.
also known as silver dollar nipples, and ufo's.
by Stephen "papa" Youngerman April 03, 2004
nipples that are too large for the breast. a ratio of too big a nipple to too small of a handful or boob= pepperoni nipple. Another formula for telling whether one has pepperoni nipples or not is how much of the front of the breast is covered by nipple. If it's a large portion, she's got pepperoni nipples.
"Yo, you know that chick in our class with the nice rack? Yeah dude, she's got pepperoni nipples."
by piefreak54 January 23, 2012
Nipples normaly the size of pepperoni , and can normaly provide an umbrella size covering over your head.
Kyle Dixons Pepperoni Nipples Provided excellent cover in the rainstorm.
by Joey Parise July 22, 2008
Pepperoni Nipples are found on those that have huge areola that are engorged and red resembling a pepperoni. Often times, these nipples have a large amount of black course hair protrusion.
Joey Pepperoni Nipples makes me want pizza.
by Duncan Joseph February 12, 2009
A flat-chested female with huge areolas
Those Pepperoni Nipples on Jen had me buggin', I had to have a shot just to chill.
by Daknow December 05, 2007
Nipples that look like a pepperoni or are larger than pepperonis
I took of her shirt to find large and disgusting pepperoni nipples.
by Jim August 28, 2004
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