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Ejaculate. Semen. Jizz.
Rico Suave was eating a pink taco and getting meat sauce all over the place.
by hondo July 05, 2005
an excuse, typically one made up by someone who doesn't want people to come over to his or her house.
(over the phone)

Pablo: Hey man, mind if we come over?

Russ: Nah, I'm eating dinner with my parents. (aside) Hey mom, could you pass the meat sauce?

Pablo: We know you're alone, there are no cars in the driveway.
by Gespacho March 07, 2010
an idiot, a moron, a goof - somebody who lacks intelligence
"Tyrone's dead?! What happened?!"
"He got drunk, ran into a pole, passed out and drown in a puddle of his own puke"
"What a fuckin meatsauce"
by g00se May 02, 2007
The opposite of weak sauce. Refers to someone/something awesome, also known as the real shit.
I'm a meat sauce. Vegetarians are weak sauces.
by nikekola November 26, 2011
A word to describe an action that is stupid or moronic performed by a meat head.
Jeff: I'm going to drop and out school and go to the show (nhl)"

Adam: You're such a meat sauce
by jeff_standon April 06, 2008
verb, meaning a huge victory for a team that had a large presence on both offense and defense.
"Dude, how about that game yesterday? We had six touchdowns and a safety?!"

"Yeah, man, we meatsauced 'em!"
by photosbyrobert October 05, 2008
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