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The Meakin is a cocktail consisting of Listerine and Red Bull
Making a poor decision to drive after drinking numerous Meakins, Ursula was arrested for DUI. Though upset about the arrest, amazingly she was wide awake with very fresh breath.
by Ray Robinson October 15, 2005
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1. White teacher who teaches Japanese in a school.
2. A Language teacher who goes through dictionaries to tell his/her students what a word means.
3. A language teacher who has the worst mood swings on Earth.
4. A language teacher who gets pissed off at random things.
5. A curse;
6. A type of disease; often have some mad mood swings.
1. What the Meakin is that!
2. Oh my lord, that ~ is some Meakened up shit!
3. A: B, are you alright? You seem to have a Meakin syndrome.
B: I know, I cannot control my feelings, I think I'm
becoming a Meakin.
4. Please, do not Meakin around.
by undisclosed June 18, 2006
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A mammal that has extraordinary large fingers.
They bare a striking resemblance to sausages or sainsburys cumuberland sausages.
However, his/her personality is rather sweet.
"Meakins is a cool guy"
"Meakins fingers are HUGE!"
by Mary Christmas October 19, 2007
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