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Your a sweet and nice person.
Thanks for helping, you're a doll.
by Undisclosed November 02, 2003
Drrk is an insult that started in Rye, NY. It is used among friends or enemies, depending on the context. It is a combination of the words dork and jerk. It is spelled with two or more r's. The more the r's there, are, the bigger the insult. For example, "drrrrrrrk" is different than "drrk".
Randomnly yell "drrk!" at someone.

"Hey, drrk!"

"name, you are such a drrk!"
by undisclosed September 22, 2004
noke is cool. how cool? very cool...
everyone: woah look there's noke let's all bow down and step back
noke: awwww =)
by undisclosed February 13, 2004
1.A pker on the MMORPG 'Runescape', who page closes, suicides, and logs out to avoid death.
2. Someone who teams massively, then makes fun of you for not fighting
X vs. 1(X being number of people in the team)
Look at that haiyan logging over there!
by Undisclosed July 22, 2004
A legendary racer whose identity remains shrouded in mystery. In the late 1990's, he is said to be one of the first original Drifters in America. His whereabouts are now unknown, but it is said that he can be seen in the back roads of his hometown in the early morning hours.
There is no example available.
by Undisclosed February 09, 2004
a person who kisses other peoples asses (not literally) and therfore gain a personal benefitduring this process your friends decrease in numbers
chiara is a bum-suk
all ther teachers know she is a bum-suk and laff
by undisclosed April 11, 2005
1. White teacher who teaches Japanese in a school.
2. A Language teacher who goes through dictionaries to tell his/her students what a word means.
3. A language teacher who has the worst mood swings on Earth.
4. A language teacher who gets pissed off at random things.
5. A curse;
6. A type of disease; often have some mad mood swings.
1. What the Meakin is that!
2. Oh my lord, that ~ is some Meakened up shit!
3. A: B, are you alright? You seem to have a Meakin syndrome.
B: I know, I cannot control my feelings, I think I'm
becoming a Meakin.
4. Please, do not Meakin around.
by undisclosed June 18, 2006

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