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to keep something low key: to not announce it; to have a quiet gathering; opposite of a large party or big group of people; not much emphasis, closely aligned with a normal night out doing the usual stuff.
im going out tonight but it's pretty low key; i've gotta work tomorrow so tonight's going to be a low key event.
by donjamin June 10, 2005
1) Secretly or discretely

2) Slightly or kinda
"He's moving to Chicago in three weeks but the semester isn't over for another seven weeks. He's lowkey dropping out."

"I didn't think I would be but I'm lowkey sad that my roommate is moving out."
by soflyme1 February 26, 2010
OHIO definitions:
(lo - Kee)

1.An Introductory phrase, to advise the listener that the following statement is between you and he ONLY.

2. Introductory Phrase used to advised the listener to look at the subject matter in a differnt way.
1.low key dog, I don't even trust him.

2.Yeah that sound cool, but low key, we could do it like this.
by APOLLOSTEES May 19, 2005
A word to describe a state of keeping on the low and not to have your name in everyones mouth. Low key is also a state of which someone does not want to be talked about or be heaty.

for example if someone is too heaty or has too much beef and is too "known" they might get advice to keep low key for a while
wow elaine your so low key ! how do you do it?


damn elaine your so heatscore you gotta keep on the down low, you know what i mean? like LOW KEY !
by mom_646464 February 04, 2007
Lowkey (Born Kareem Dennis, 23 May 1986) is a British musician, poet, playwright and political activist of English and Iraqi descent. He first came to fame through a series of mixtapes he released before he was 18.

Kareem was born in London to an Iraqi mother and an English father. From the age of twelve he began to rap, initially imitating American rappers but soon using his own accent.The first time he went he introduced himself as Lowkey and was told there was already a regular there by that name; the two had a rap battle over the use of the name which Kareem won.

His singles include;
"Tears to Laughter"
"Voices of the Voiceless" (with Immortal Technique)
"Alphabet Assassin" (with Faith SFX)
"Something Wonderful"

He raps about things that matter, not about money, drugs and ect.. He raps positive message to the listener, his lyrics are powerful and touching.
Although, he has huge amounts of talent he is underrated.
Chris : "Hey, did you listen to 'Voices Of The Voiceless' by Lowkey and Immortal Technique?"

Kevin : "Yeah man, his raps about real shit. Not about bitches, money and drugs."


Asif : "Oi, you heard of Lowkey? He's a lyrical beast man."

Matthew : "Who? No."

by Nii-Chicken February 20, 2010
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