max is the idol of my life
he takes everything to the MAX (get it)
and he is a legend
fuck YEAH
max is da beast like a beast
by johnny. 3:16 August 29, 2013
Dimunitive of maximum.

As far as you can go, the top limit of speed, capacity, tolerance etc.
I was pushing the car to the max but I still couldn't catch him.
by BT4a November 04, 2011
A player that fucks with girls hearts. He says he loves them then he breaks their hearts shamelessly. He jumps from girl to girl. He makes them fall inlove with him and then he pretends he loves them back just so he can break their heart 2 days later. Goes out with a girl then cheats on her with thousands of other girls because he can. Tells 10 girls in one week that he likes them.
by bbygirlxoxo October 18, 2013
cali way of sayin a lot
it was max ppl at the party last nite
by chantea July 16, 2011
-Smart, just lazy
-Not fat, big
-Under rowing + math scholarship
-Father is part of mafia
-Best o-lineman
-Says he sacked the qb and got a touchdown (very incredible for o-line)
-Gets bad grades, but has goal of going to harvard

Max is someone that matches all of the above
Man, that guy is such a Max.

I wish I was a Max. That would be incredible.

I'm Max.
by bhr11111 March 24, 2009
A twig like white Mexican who is a major preater. He enjoys the chill bridge for dinner every night. He enjoys tribing with other men along with anal pounding, on the receiving and giving end. He is a complete nerd with a very high intellect who enjoys arguing about highly irevelent points. He enjoys sports although he doesn't look like it. He thinks he is a lot better then he actually is. He smells like a Tobias.
God max is so homosexual and he thinks he's so cool. He should go back home to Mexico with the gay prostitutes!!!
by Ladykillerinsane10 January 07, 2014
All Max's LOVE drugs and crime. They love committing fraud and taking psychedelic drugs. They hate humans but love animals. They hate women for MANY MANY reasons. They hate the government. They hate all people. They are depressed. But they LOOOOOVE money
by Aleizi April 29, 2013

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