Short for Maxwell or Maximilian. Maxs tend to be procrastinators, and this keeps them from unlocking their full omnipotence, but other than that they are superb in most ways. Associated with ninjas, Russian mafia, and pirates (Jack sparrow, not black beard). You can find Maxs at the top of mount Everest, playing Halo, and in bed with your girl. At best, creative and smart. At worst, annoying and hurtful.
Dude 1: oh my god look at him! He is just meditating instead of writing down his science notes!
Dude 2: Yeah, he's such a...
(Max, having built up his galactic ultimate super jumbo power, explodes everything but himself. He then jumps 80 feet in the air, and slams his fist into chuck Norris's head.)
by DubstepKilledPop June 04, 2014
A Max is a great guy that spends a lot of time on the internet but values his real friends just as much. Great with girls, charming and pretty good looking, although often quite short. You won't regret being friends with, of dating, a Max, as he is very committed to friendships and relationships. If you're feeling down, Max will be the one to cheer you up with his good sense of humour and kindness.
Girl 1: So how's your new boyfriend?
Girl 2: Amazing! He's kind, funny, charming and pretty good looking, definitely a Max
Girl 1: Oh my god, you're so lucky!!!
by TheOneAndOnlyKobra9 March 29, 2014
The act of acquiring every achievement in an Xbox 360 game. Not just completing the story, but grabbing every single point.
I maxed Gears of War yesterday.
I been trying to max Modern Warfare, but it's very difficult.
I really don't feel like maxing Cloning Clyde, because it's a shit pile of a game.
by Uncletator February 07, 2010
A natural artist who has a huge, unique imagination. Max So much fun to be around, but leaves you empty inside. He may only be out looking for some fun, because a Max is a natural player. He is an amazing boyfriend, and I never want to leave him. I'm so lucky to have my Max. He has the most geogous blue eyes I have ever seen. Max is a true skater. If us got the chance he would skate all day. He loves to get high, and really loves his weed.
Girl one: (holding picture)
Girl two: woah what is that?
Girl one: I don't know. Max drew it.
by HipsterHippy April 20, 2011
a cool sexy person
anyone that doesnt have this name is a loser
anyone that doesnt hang out with a person with this name should die
max is cool
by a person that hates their name April 13, 2010
no definition for max because no one can define max
check out that max
by maxmuftc December 30, 2014
a guy who sweeps you off your feet (literally) out of nowhere, sweet, funny, and cute. also a great kisser....but sadly also a guy who plays with your heart and messes around with a lot of other girls.
max is cute but he's such a player

how can a guy like him be UGH?!
by aboolofghfdighiughrtgfg November 02, 2010
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