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Alondra is an anorexic people person who likes to associate with lots and lots of other people. She has an account on a bunch of social networks. Alondra has a good number of friends and most people seem to like her. Though, she is a very independent person (not lonely, but independent). She has a lot of experiences in her life that she likes to share. Alondra also likes to piffle. However, I think she gets annoyed too easily and calls people weird and lame. She also says some things that are a little "TMI" I don't like those parts too much. But for the most part, she's nice.
Person#1: Look at that independent girl who's calling others weird and lame.

Person#2: I think we've found an Alondra.
by jonsash January 18, 2011
Max is a person who talks loudly and excessively. He is always trying to get a large amount of people to laugh, which he usually fails at. However, he can be funny sometimes. He likes to make jokes about current events, especially. Max also sometimes "crosses the line". Max can be annoying sometimes and can blatantly disrespect other people. He is also very intelligent and logical (especially in science). Besides that, he has a lot of good taste for sitcoms and most music.
Person#1: Hey, check out that guy who's trying to make that large crowd laugh.

Person#2: Geez, he's probably a Max.
by jonsash January 19, 2011
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