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Max is special. He has this smile that just brightens up your whole day. He has a great sense of humor, and has a great taste in tv shows. He is extremely confusing, you'll never know what he honestly thinks about you, but that's okay, cause maybe you don't really need to know. Just seeing him makes you smile. He's a great guy, and whoever ends up with him is a very lucky person.
"Woah is that Drake?"
"Nah, that's just Max."
by Nerual_laureN July 26, 2014
Short for Maxwell or Maximilian. Maxs tend to be procrastinators, and this keeps them from unlocking their full omnipotence, but other than that they are superb in most ways. Associated with ninjas, Russian mafia, and pirates (Jack sparrow, not black beard). You can find Maxs at the top of mount Everest, playing Halo, and in bed with your girl. At best, creative and smart. At worst, annoying and hurtful.
Dude 1: oh my god look at him! He is just meditating instead of writing down his science notes!
Dude 2: Yeah, he's such a...
(Max, having built up his galactic ultimate super jumbo power, explodes everything but himself. He then jumps 80 feet in the air, and slams his fist into chuck Norris's head.)
by DubstepKilledPop June 04, 2014
A Max is a great guy that spends a lot of time on the internet but values his real friends just as much. Great with girls, charming and pretty good looking, although often quite short. You won't regret being friends with, of dating, a Max, as he is very committed to friendships and relationships. If you're feeling down, Max will be the one to cheer you up with his good sense of humour and kindness.
Girl 1: So how's your new boyfriend?
Girl 2: Amazing! He's kind, funny, charming and pretty good looking, definitely a Max
Girl 1: Oh my god, you're so lucky!!!
by TheOneAndOnlyKobra9 March 29, 2014
Max short for Maximus, which in Russia means Large Penis. Max is Awesome, hes a really great guy. If you have a friend like Max never let him go. Everyone loves Max the Boys and the Girls. Max is short, but that doesn't mean he isn't fast. Max doesn't do a lot of sports either. Max has a hot Body and a big Penis. Max is a total Package! He also is very Humorous.
I love a great Max!
by 1234abcd4321dcba February 15, 2014
The best guy in the whole wide world <3 I love him with all my heart. He is always there for me and I'm so glad he's mine. My Max. I love him so much, everything is just perfect about him. He's flawless and always makes me smile and gives the best hugs. Max is the most amazing boyfriend ever. If you date a Max, keep him. Max is the best person in the entire universe who I will always love.
My Max is perfect in every way.
by ldarling24 December 17, 2013
max is the idol of my life
he takes everything to the MAX (get it)
and he is a legend
fuck YEAH
max is da beast like a beast
by johnny. 3:16 August 29, 2013
Dimunitive of maximum.

As far as you can go, the top limit of speed, capacity, tolerance etc.
I was pushing the car to the max but I still couldn't catch him.
by BT4a November 04, 2011