a piece of shit ass faggot
max: ur gay
you: you hang around guys in leotards. so straight.
by gee-oh March 04, 2013
V. to smash a toilet as a household responsibility.

N. someone whose primary chore around the house consist of smashing toilets

Adj. to the largest extent, huge;
Person 1: can that bangin chick make it to the sunday kegger?
Person 2: Not tonight boss, her parents have her maxing around the house all day.

Person 1: Dude that party last night was max!
by Fuzzy Wobbles January 11, 2010
A very nice sensitive guy who was an AMAZING boyfriend, and then decided to turn into a major douche who dates little girls and likes to smoke weed and act like he is a lot cooler than he is and ditch all of his REAL best friends.
GUY- Hey max what are you doing today?
MAXI- I'm obviously going to smoke and be really cool today like everyother day.
by Anonymous3445 January 03, 2010
a great guy. real good friend.
knows how to make u laugh and smile...but also knows how to break your heart.
dont fall too hard for this type of guy.
He's so sweet! but he can be such a jerk! what a max.
by DirtyShoeLace123 April 30, 2009
A kids name that is the complete opposite of their size. They sit around all day on a PS3 or computer or annoy everyone. Future pimp.
Max: (nerdy, high-pitched voice) I got a 20 kill streak on highrise and I'm lvl 99 on all 30 of my runescape accounts.

Normal Guy: No one gives a shit.
by GooseDude2010 July 07, 2010
A guy who can seem so completely perfect in every way. He will make you feel beautiful and amazing, and you'll want to give everything to him. He's also a total Ass-hat. He will tell you everything you want to hear, but he will lie to get what he wants, he will dump you out of nowhere, and flirt with your friends. Don't trust him.
Girl: Max told me he loved me last night!
Max's ex: Yeah, haha, I remember when he told me THAT lie.
by BrokenHeartedLiedTo January 29, 2011
commonly refers to someone who enjoys a rusty crook on a daily basis
rusty crooks and max goes are such a daily thing
by tuff nigee December 27, 2009

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