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To eat and masturbate at the same time
Since he was very busy, Calvin would masturcate to save time
by tmHK October 31, 2011
The act of masturbating as a substitute for medication. It's the combination of masturbate with medicate. Masturcate.
Rather than taking Aspirin, Joe masturcated to relief his headache.
by Manok October 18, 2003
the process of jerking off into a woman's vagina while halfway in; the act of masturbating while fornicating;
I masturcated that girl so hard last night..it was awesome.
by DMoney March 03, 2004
The art of bending over and sucking your own penis.
I got so desparete last night I had to Masturcate!
by Master Zen December 04, 2007