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to masturbate whilse eating.
I masterbeated on your bed while you were at work, so watch out for the spooge on the bottom left corner.
by supertrooperdude_69 September 25, 2009
The greatest beat in the universe.
Presides over all other beats and makes sure they dont screw up.
If any beats don't meet Masterbeat's standards they create poor record sales.
"Man, that beat was whack. I hope you dont show it to Masterbeat!"

"Hey that song is number one, it must've been approved by Masterbeat."
by Jedimintrick October 24, 2006
The art of intensily jerking your body to the beat of a song
"Dude sean, fist pumping is my favorite way to masterbeat".
"Yesterday I was home alone so I turned up the music and started to masterbeat until I was pouring swet".
by White Tux May 30, 2013
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