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pretty much self explanitary.
.. masters of baking..
so what are you doing ?
- masterbaking
masterbating, who the hell masterbates in fruit filled muffins !?
- masterBAKING mom, it's for the master bakers.
by 922pmmjak September 22, 2008
To masterbate while in the process of smoking marijuana.
Johnny said: "Yo cuz, whered you go last night?" Darvin replied: "After seeing 2 girls make out, I had to run inside to roll a joint and start masterbaking to calm down." Johnny replied: "Damn"
by DusanMandic08 October 12, 2011
The process of baking a batch of delicious treats for the sole purpose of eating them all yourself.
Nancy- Sorry I didn't answer your calls last night, I was having a vigorous masterbaking session: 20 muffins baked, 20 muffins consumed.

Beatrice- Oh, I love muffins, you should have invited me round.

Nancy- That would have defeated the purpose.

Beatrice- *hurt feelings*
by falkor swiftly September 09, 2009
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