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1) This is a person of supreme status within the baking community. 2) They love a great fiddle and are great to conclude, real professionals. 3) Great with cupcakes as well as in the bedroom.
Danny: I m telling you Naomi is a MasterBaker
Kevin: I hear the same and she s cooking up some great smells to......

Josh: Wow she really knows what men want that Dorris
Hero Naxan: Shes one hell of a Masterbaker she is
by dannyzz July 02, 2010
Now that science has accomplished the growth of real meat in a laboratory, from stem cells in Holland, there will be a new brand of meat eaters when this hits our supermarkets.
Labetarian's are people who will eat meat grown in a laboratory but not meat from butchered animals.
In essence it is harmless; no animal has been killed, injured or involved in its production.
This will be the future for vegetarians who love the taste of meat but wish not to kill or purchase butchered animals for there own desires.
Polly: I get why you became a veggie but this steak has been produced from stem cell growth, in a laboratory; surely you can eat that and become a Labetarian?

Sue: I guess so, it looks amazing!
by dannyzz February 18, 2013
This describes a person who acknowledges that eating meat is not something they agree with in terms of the killing of animals.

They love the taste and cannot resist. This makes them aware and thus a vegewarian.
Bob: That steak looks great, I feel such guilt ordering this but hey, you only live once.

Paul: The cow was going to be killed anyways, eat/enjoy; your a vegewarian
by dannyzz February 17, 2013
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