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A slang term for someone who can be correctly classified as a douche.
John acted like a real Massengill last night.
Even Gretchen thought he was a Massengill.
by SimpleMindedTed November 05, 2005
A term describing an unsuspecting, clueless douchebag who believes he is "name brand" or better than everyone else around him.
"I've dated alot of douchebags, but the last one was a real Massengill"
by Dj Nemisis January 23, 2010
1. (adj) Modern day equivalent of the 80s adjective fresh. Used to describe something that is regarded highly, of the best quality, or simply considered good/cool.
Usage is derived from the name of the well known feminine santitary rinse "Massengill Disposable Douche", which was promoted heavily in various TV commercials for its ability to keep its users feeling fresh and clean.
"Keepin' it Massengill."
"Damn, those lyrics be Massengill!"
"I gots to keep my white on whites Massengill!"
by Trophis Racemosa April 07, 2005
Refers to all men who act like "douche bags" or dress like them. They normally travel in packs and can be easily spotted by their shiny and/or striped shirts. Must possess an arrogant attitude with nothing to back it up.
Those guys are so pathetic, they are the epitome of Massengill.
by Beree October 05, 2007
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