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To be screwed over in a displeasing way
Dude those tickets are over priced... yah I know I got douched.
by Josh Takko July 13, 2005
Whenever it rains heavily.
"Man it's fucking douched out here. I hope I don't hydroplane!"
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop May 12, 2007
A person or object that has been moved or altered by someone or something.
My wife wouldn't make the tea so i douched her in the head with the T.V. remote.
by ek9sam December 09, 2011
VERB - to make sissy-like, or fuck up in a really gay kinda way
*Drew looks at Kevin's myspace* "Dude, Kevin's mom totally douched his myspace."
by Kevinsbaybii November 08, 2007
the past tense of douche. or, to be yourslef or by somedbody else.
1. dude, you totaly just got douched.

guy: do you smell fish?
girl:can't be me, i just got douched.
by jess owns you. June 04, 2005
Well and truely off your nut under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
You were well and truely douched maaan!
by Mac-G AND Wood August 02, 2005
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