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If you like pussy you can fit a bowling ball into, Massapequa is right for you.

A town comprised of wanna-be gangsters, and a limitless amount of sluts ranging from late teen all the way to the ripe age of 11.

Where are the parents you may ask? Well, they either don't give a fuck, or they pretend they have no clue that their son comes home at 1 AM stoned, drunk, and probably butt-fucked by his homo-in-denial buddy, and a daughter who's been knocked up serveral times and has plenty more to come.

A town where driving 70 miles per hour down a sidestreet makes natives feel they have a really huge cock. But nothing says I have a huge cock then rolling down your window while driving past a 12 year old kid on merrick road, and screaming something that most of the time isn't even a word.

You'll need a huge dick to have sex in this town, cause girls here...lets just say theres alot of room. Another thing you'll love about Massapequa is the AIDS!!! Gotta love them AIDS!!! We are number one in the U.S.! YEAH!!! MASSAPEQUA'S #1!!!
"Lets not eat at the Massapequa diner, we might catch the AIDS."

"Bra my dick is SOOOOO HUGEEEEEE. Want to see?"

"I'm not gay"


"Ya Bra why does my ass hurt Bra"

"Bra. This Saturday, i'm drinking Jack Dainels, then I'm gonna drink..."

"I suck dick for cash"
by K-Stro August 24, 2006
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no comment except for the girls there need to learn how to drive on merrick rd a little better u dumb bitches
no. it will probably take up more space than your server has to type up personal experiences about massapequa
by Trippinballs January 26, 2007
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pussy ass town that started a gay facebook event for the farmingdale vs. massapequa varsity football game for 2010 thinking they would win, but obviously didnt and got their asses beat in varsity(on their homefield LOL) and jv in the same day... what idiots..
did you go to that massapequa vs. farmingdale game?

yeah massapequa needs to step their game up big time if they keep talking shit about how good they are...
by fuck pequaaa November 05, 2010
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A town that is very nice for the most part. The most scumiest area is between south of sunrise and north of merrick road where the houses are falling apart and are dirty. Theese kids definetly don't have a bmw or a nice newly built modeled house like the kids south of merrick rd and north of sunrise highway.
Massapequa is pretty gross north of merrick road
by Jenna P October 24, 2007
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Town in Nassau county filled with little turds that hit \"redefine\" instead of \"add definition\" just to piss off the people that bad mouth their town =D
\"Damn that was a good joke played on me, must have been someone from Massapequa, the greatest town in the universe\"
by Piss Youhoff April 26, 2005
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This town has the fucking most amazing kids, north of sunrise, and the south side is full of fucking whores who start giving their boyfriends head at the age of 12. They're choice saying "Who cares if we're sluts, your just jealous because your boyfriends like us & we have money."

The southside (aka Lockhart and East Lake) and full of amazing kids who dont give a shit about what the whores in Unqua say.

So to sum it all up.....

South side - shit heads.
North side- most amazing kids ever
Massapequa crushes Farmingdale in everything
by The Mother Fcking Princess July 10, 2008
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