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Area code of Lexington, Kentucky and neighboring counties. Pretty fucking tight place home of the Kentucky Wildcats and a bunch of bad ass mother fuckers.
person one: "dude i live in the 859 its fucking raw"
person two: "i live in 502 it fucking blows big cock"
A midwestern kentucky area near the 513 that:

-quelches any hopes or dreams one might have of ever leaving, a vortex.

-sets cultured society back 20 years.

-is white-upper-middle-class, republican, sexist, rascist, hypocritic, homophobic, and male.

-promotes kicking someone's ass for being different, securing another four years of presidential hell for our country, and promptly extinguishing any personal flames or beacons for society.

-occassionaly, one or all of these definitions is broken. unfortunately, that's not often.

synonymn for nowhere.
"YO, NUKKA. let's go kim'ng in the 859!"
"We just don't do that sort of thing here"
by forizilla, godzilla. January 12, 2005
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