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to hook up with one's own mother due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Dude, I think he lockharted last night, he was grinding on his mom!"
by Bob_Suruncle February 19, 2011
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An area north of Orlando, Florida, found within the Orange County limits. Lockhart has a lush history as one of the first populated areas of Orlando when it was merely a citrus-growing region. It is now home to a large industrial area, steel recycling centers, waste management facilities, as well as a diverse residential population. Lockhart borders on the Pine Hills (aka Crime Hiills, Choppa City, etc) on the south, the City of Apopka on the north, Clarcona on the west, and the Forest City region to the east. The combination of Choppa City residents, the sprawl of trailers, as well as the other intraregional townfolk present a unique and diverse Shanty Town.
I was leaving Clarcona, and wanted to find a nice shanty bar. We decided on one of several within the Lockhart borders.
by Marqques de Caceras December 13, 2009
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The Knife of kings, Lockhart is an anodised serrated steel blade, firmly bolted to a long haft of finest teak.

Lockhart is used to cut manly things like beef or lamb.
It's shining teeth make short work of even the feistiest pieces of meat.
Max and Jonny tore through their roast dinners with the aid of Lockhart.

Camp Eddie has to use Chickenknife.

"Hey Jon, isn't Lockhart great?"
"Yes Max, it sure is. Way better than Chickenknife"

Eddie: SIGH
by Max Vicious May 02, 2008
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Someone that play Destiny while masturbating to Eris
"Man that kid over there is such a lockhart"
by Leaf L. October 05, 2016
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