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Someone who bounces up and down on a penis with similar enthusiasm of that of a jockey riding a horse. Usually used to describe a homosexual male.
No you can't fuck me vigorously in the ass, What do you think I am some kinda cock-jockey.
by Smokey McPot April 10, 2005
The proper name for marijuana. (pot)
All I need is my women and a fat sack of dosha.
by Smokey McPot December 17, 2003
A place in northern new jersey where you can buy a lot of pot. it is famous because they say heroin is the drug of choice for northern new jersey but its hard to find anything but pot in vernon. actually, if you go down town and ask random people for pot, they might actually just give it away. i know cause ive had this happen to me. its also easy to get alot of ecstasy around here...
"hey random thug on the streets of vernon... do you have any pot?"

"hells yeah, want some?"

"why sure kind stranger!"
by Smokey McPot March 28, 2005
Some bomb ass weed.
I smoked a bowl of hindu kush last night, and was so high i couldn't move my eyelids.
by Smokey McPot February 09, 2004
Some weed that has a distinct and profuse odor.
Damn, i smoked some dank ass weed the other night and got FUCKED up.
by Smokey McPot February 09, 2004
Massapequa School District:

Okay folks, Let's start off with the Elementary Schools..

Birch Lane: (aka Bitch Lane) Full of rich snobby nosey soccer moms that spend all their money on bake sales and girl scout cookies.

East Lake: (aka Beast Lake) Full of wannabe sluts that pretty much have never made out with someone of the opposite sex.

Lochart: (aka Lock Fart) Full of prude tight little girls that freak when they kiss their boyfriends.

Fairfield: (aka FagField/FairyField) Full of posers that wish we lived in Amityville.

Mckenna: (aka.. i dont have a nickname for this one sorry) Full of dumb blondes that dont know their shapes.

Unqua: (aka Punkqua) Probably the most annoying school (girl wise.)..fucking bitches

Junior High / High School:

Alfred J. Berner Middle School: Jesus Christ in heaven. Mothers, do not send your children here.. Unless theyre prude. Then, its all good. But other wise.. its catholic school for your children. This school is highly sexually active, alcoholically involved, and very into getting stoned. It amazes me how blind and retarded parents are when it comes to this school. The kids are fucking crazy. They have no respect for teachers, deans, coaches etc. Detentions are handed out more than homeworks. Theres rats and mice in the building..but hey its ok. Berner is located pretty much in Amityville, which is just fucking wonderful. Our Librarian got jumped outside the main building, Our dean is going out with the bitchiest english teacher there is, and the physical education teacher is a lesbian. All the assemblies they have are related with drugs, stds, and dress codes. Most of our teachers are fucking retarded senior citizens, and theres a fucking waiting list to get suspended. I can name a quite a few young ladies off the bat that have made out with more girls than guys. And beer is more of a best friend than a beverage.

Ames: Located next to Lochart. The School Sucks asshole and its fucking gay because its 9th grade only.

Massapequa High School: Fucked up little burned out fucks..but hey.. gotta love it.. i mean how can you not love huge orgy parties every other night and getting stoned during ur off periods.

And now, for the one and only Private Fucking School :

St. Rose Of Lima: Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude. Prude.. with some exceptions.
Oh, Look Mommy, a Slut!
Oh, Hunny, she must be from Massapequa.
by smokey mcpot March 26, 2005
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