He is the sweetest most irresistble guy you will ever meet. He is funny, kind, loving, handsome and overall a spectacular person. Every girl wants to be with him. If you ever get the chance to have someone like him, go for it, and don't let him go.

Best match: Emma
Mark is so cute, I'd be so lucky to have him. Too bad he's always taken.
by Babycakes041498 November 21, 2012
A sexy, hot person who everyone needs. When you have a Mark in your life, it is perfect. Without him your heart is broken into a million pieces. Try and wait for a Mark that you know if you like him because if you like him then he might just ask you out. I am waiting for my Mark right now because he is the funniest, kindest and most honest person I know. He is beautiful on the inside and out!
All you need in life is a Mark.
by Becca The Unicorn May 27, 2014
A formidable foe to normal people. intelligent, strong forceful. a weird hybrid of a bully and a nerd. As well as the first dictator of the America and king of the new peaceful world. Also known as Timebomb and various other variations including at least TB.
I am Mark. All other Mark's fall in march as we conquer the world. For a new Earth of peace void of general stupidity.
by whatup1 September 29, 2009
The whitest black person you will ever meet.
"OMG MARK IS SO WHITE." He's black. "Oh."
by ItzGottaBeBreezy December 27, 2013
He's the perfect guy. He's a great brother, son, and boyfriend. He plays lacrosse (usually midfield) and loves anything to do with it. He's that guy that every girl wants, but only the lucky one gets. He's caring and dedicated to the one he loves, and is determined to keep her. He's somewhat of a pothead, but you can never tell because he's so incredibly smart. He does the cutest things for his girlfriend, and never disappoints her. He's a little shy at first, but he can make you laugh even when you're upset. Even though he's been hurt again and again, he never gives up. He's usually tall, has blondish red hair, and his eyes are greenish hazel. He's gorgeous, handsome, and really hot, but his looks are just a bonus to his amazing personality. He's irresistible and once you fall for him, you miss him every second he's not with you. Mark is a keeper.
"I wish there were more Marks in the world."
by Bella Millerson April 12, 2013
An extremely hot guy. Has an amazing smile and is an all round loving person. Marks will love you forever and they are amazing at everything ( ;) )
Girl 1: Mark is so incredible!
Girl 2: I know, I'm so jealous of his girlfriend.
Girl 1: Yeah, guess the rumours are true that he likes kinky girls.
Girl 2: Doesn't make him any less "Mark"y though!
by SexyBumGGB March 29, 2010
A short and sweet term for an Easy target, Fuck boy and/or someone who sets themselves up for the brunt end of a joke or insult.In Military Terminology a "Mark" is a word used to signal an Enemy target.
You're being a Mark Dude..
by RenoChan April 13, 2015

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