The most amazing, caring guy you will EVER meet! If you are ever fortunate enough to have a Mark fall for you, don't let him get away!

Marks are amazing friends. They have a good sense of humor, but are a little nerdy.
You will never meet anyone moore fun, caring, sweet. They are simply AMAZING.
Marks will also have totally amazing bodies, and know just how to hold a girl right.
Girl 1: My new boyfriend is SUCH a Mark
Girl 2: OMG. Jealous!

Guy 1:Dude, that new kid is totally a Mark
Guy 2:Yeah man, we should have him over for a game night!
by CharlieCareBear2013 June 23, 2011
A named based on the biblical name Mark the Great. Used as a name for children who have with a large penis. It is also a synonym for "amazing".
We had a son, named Bob. But when he grew up and became the richest man in the world, we decided to change his name to Mark
by holymoly. September 29, 2009
Simply the best. Succeeds at everything he sets his mind to. You can try but you will never get the better of him. Also the sexiest person you have ever seen; impossible to get out of your thoughts.
Man that mark is simply the best.

the highest mark

by alive perfection March 18, 2010
UNF. Mark is myterious and unpredictable. always expect the unexpected. he likes to hide his emotions. the best person to fall in love with. hes done some pretty crazy shit in his life. hes had many near death experiences because of his choices. if he loves you, you'll know it. but good luck trying to get his attention if he doesnt. especially if you're a dirty whore. and if he already loves someone else, just quit lol. hes exciting and a thrill to have in your life. he's willing to try anything, living life fast. its possible that Mark has suffered from depression and has wanted to commit suicide at one point in his life. hes spiritual and always in deep thought. sometimes he'll be an asshole. but thats just him. he's amazing person overall and everyone wants to fall in love with a Mark. oh yeah, hes also the best in bed and his name is derived from a god. i guess his name means "walking god". i love Mark. :]
Dude, did you see what Mark just did?!
by arara February 19, 2012
he is an amzing guy. a great friend who always cares and he is an amazing boyfriend. he loves deeply even if he doesnt always show his emotions you know you mean the world to him. he is an all around fantastic guy and you would be lucky enough to know him. he is handsome, funny, smart and just amazing.
Mark is amazing.
by mooma16 August 19, 2011
Mark's are generally friendly and kind people. The name Mark means "Man of War" and it is very true that many of the Mark's possess an honourable warriors spirit. These men are not afraid to help those in need, and come to those who call for them.

Only 30% of Marks are good looking, and often have a unique feel or look to them to set them apart. Marks found in New Zealand are, like most of the male population, good lovers. Any female Marks should not be approached unless you're into that kind of thing.

All Marks go through a phase of being "Dry" or "Not-Funny-even-though-they-try" These Marks tend to get it a bit rough from everybody else, so try to put up with it and he'll get through it in a few years.
"Mark is such a nice guy"

"Mark is the best boyfriend I've ever had"

"Mark's love is like candy for my privates"
by March 31, 2010
To be an alright dude.
"Wow... Mark is pretty alright, eh guys?"
by old hundreds August 12, 2009

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