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The whitest black person you will ever meet.
"OMG MARK IS SO WHITE." He's black. "Oh."
by ItzGottaBeBreezy December 27, 2013
2 2
A total Jew... Very little in the pants.. Makes love to boys named Luke.
I just got Marked.
by anduknowit December 17, 2013
2 3
arrogant and likes to talk under his breath, so you never know what he is really saying. Very much selfish, but doesn't realize this! Thinks he is GOD's right hand man, but really from Masshole origin. Cries like a bitch when he doesn't get his way and likes to go by the name Martha during this time. Secretly likes to start fights with you, but then somehow manages to make everyone else think you are just crazy yelling at him because he simply hasn't done anything wrong. Is a great cook and one amazing dad just sucks at being a lover.
Mark "Blah blah blah blah".... you "what?" mark "oh nothing"
I have no money and I want everything and I should have money because I am the only one in the world that works
by Its the truth November 23, 2013
2 4
A really nice guy, he's kind, he's got a feminine butt, you'll mistake him for a woman, but he won't care because he's a christian. He's a passionate kisser, and he pleasure his girl before he gets a handjob or blowjob. He doesn't want to lose his virginity so he's a tease, but he's a lucky guy to have. Rare, he won't take a girl for granted, he loves you for who you are. Known for 6.5 in penis, very nice, minimum pubic hair.
Girlfriend: Mark is so great!
Male Friend: If I was gay or a girl I'd hit on him!

Girlfriend: lol, Mark's penis is average but idc, it's very nice!

Ex: What's his penis like? I lost him, and i regret it!
Girlfriend: Sorry
by Loveisbest1007 November 02, 2013
0 2
easy woman.
She is a mark.
by hotpants38954375 March 15, 2009
2 7
A target for robbery, scam, or hustle.
1)I was do dopesick yesterday everyone was looking like a mark.
2)I followed the mark off the train, he had an ipod and a laptop.
3) The f**kin mark from the other night IDed me, now I'm lookin at a two year bid.
4) The kid selling them fake chains could spot a good mark from a block away.
5) The mark started getting wise so we dropped the scam and just beat him down for his loot.
by D from Eastie March 28, 2008
337 342
hairy 40 year old cod virgin who can't get any moot
Mark: i want hairy moot
by DylanHoward2 June 14, 2013
2 9