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chillin, relaxin
common activity of the northern regions of the california bay area
Marinating on the corner with a chip in his phone...
by bootsy collins April 13, 2003
Hangin' out with friends and soaking up the good times.
We were marinating all night with some friends and some drinks.
by cheeseajm October 16, 2005
The process a female virgin's vagina goes through while awaiting it's first glorious penetration.
"Man that poonani's been marinating for 18 years!"
by Hershel Krustophsky July 18, 2005
The act of sticking items into a wet, hot pussy in order to tenderize them or to enhance their flavor
Clinton liked marinating his cigars in Monica's twat!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008
sitting around, thinking about something that just happened and letting it soak in.
After losing a hand in poker, he was marinating on it for half an hour
by anonymous February 17, 2005
to stew in one's own juices when sexually aroused.
Look at Tara rocking back and forth over there. She must be marinating over that guy.
by Jenee Mmmm May 21, 2007
The act of hot-boxing marijuana in a closed space, and staying there breathing the smoke trapped in the space.
"Look at Eric over there! He just hot-boxed his truck and is marinating in the smoke."

"I love marinating! It always gets me so much higher!"

"I marinated all night in my room when my parents left me home alone for the night!"
by McFlySoHigh July 06, 2012
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