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Fawningly referred to by self-deprecating liberals as a "City of Mosques", this city has been the antithesis of the very liberal values they espouse.
Base of Bin Laden deputy, Abu Musaib al Zarqawi, Fallujah was subdued by the U.S. military who immediately discovered torture rooms and mutilation camps of the "religion of peace".
They also found a box of neatly sewn hijabs which they believe were intended for distribution at cocktail parties in Manhattan attended by the likes of Maureen Dowd, Tina Brown, Gloria Steinem, Barbara Streisand, Hillary Clinton and a rash of other blind liberals; many of whom viewed al Zarqawi as a freedom fighter against something called "empire".
Maureen Dowd felt the rough hand of a terrorist on her back. She spun around, and he forcefully shoved a hijab onto her head. "Wear it!" He commanded. Maureen was shaking. She had been startled because her back was facing the terrorist when he snuck up on her. She had been peering over the river looking for the fundamentalist Christian males she was sure were out there somewhere, waiting to force her to have a child against her will.
She had grown a bit complacent, as the Christians were initially nowhere in sight. "They must have gone off to bother those poor, Islamic freedom fighters again..." she surmised, puzzled. Those poor, misunderstood victims of capitalism...
The terrorist snatched her copy of the New York Times and smiled approvingly.
"This is good," he said gruffly, handing her a Koran "but this is better," he continued.
Dazed, Maureen stumbled away toward her new life as a submissive wife. "Whatever happened to those Christians?" she wondered.
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One of the few cities in Iraq that wanted some. The Marines brought some and crushed the insurgency.

The Marines rolled into the middle of the city at night playing loud music so everyone would know where to find em, the Marines dont hide or try to blend in. U got some they want it! BRING IT.

All of Fallujah was secured by the BAD ASSES of the USMC!
Allawi...Hussein...Salah... Looks like it time to find a goup of women and children to mix in with, the Marines are coming to Fallujah!
by Amir Diab February 12, 2011
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Medium sized city in Iraq, known nationally as the "City of Mosques" due to its numerous religious institutions. Famed worldwide for standing up to, and defeating, worlds remaining super-power. Suffered great civilian casualties in April 2003, and has been under daily aerial bombardment ever since.
"Dude, I wish I could be like those brave freedom fighters of Fallujah who showed the world how to kick imperialist ass!"
by Dony November 01, 2004
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