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letting something soak in, leave time for reflection
I´m not ready to decide yet, I´m gonna let it marinate for a while.
#soak #ponder #think about #evaluate #mature
by T13 December 20, 2007
an ancient technique in which the user has to have complete focus throughout this grueling process. the goal is to calm the body to a sub-concious state with the soothing of music. this technique is best used after one has just awoken from their slumber and helps enhance the body and mind. this technique is usually used to the fullest extent if you are "Meat", the legendary figure in urban folk.
Meat : Sorry Tim can't talk right now i am going to marinate
Tim : You lazy ass Meat.
#laziness #beezy #fat #shit #buddha
by Fluffyblackmeat September 26, 2007
Thinking deeply about a subject or situation; allowing and idea to "settle in".
"I was thinkin' it be nice to let me put my finger in yo' asshole. Go on and let that marainate, girl".
by houston southsider March 29, 2005
The act of inserting one's penis into a vagina. Once inside no movement or friction is allowed. You just chill, and I imaging you try not to look each other in the eye.

A common practice amongst religious youth... the poor bastards.
"Jill, don't cry. You aren't going to hell. It's not like we came. We just marinated. It means we love each other."
#marinate #marinated #marinating #penis #vagina
by IntoxicatedMormon June 18, 2009
Marinate (verb). Forms part of the act of psychological warfare often played by exes and other fuckwits. This rather mean spirited attempt to play games involves messaging someone to put the feelers out there, then just letting it sit a bit. Season & marinate... If the person wasn't interested, they'll probably be at the very least curious... But if they are keen, it might make them really keen (if the person is a bit stupid/ insecure/unconfident). Even though you've made the move, you get to reestablish the power.
I'm going just let the bitch marinate...
#syn: messing #screwing with someone #winning #being a cock. ant: being nice #gentleman
by freudianslipper August 19, 2012
The time in between after you've smoked or drank and before you actually decide to do something.
Mark and Jeff hit that bong and did those shots, sat back and marinated for a bit, then Jeff realized he was an hour late picking his old lady up from work.
#relaxed #chilled out #buzzed #lightbulb #idea
by DVillan April 18, 2013
When in college, the act of doing nothing in your pajamas, just laying around in your room. Most of the time without under clothes.
Brittlyn: I dont have class until 3 today so I'm just going to go marinate in my room
Anna: ok cool, i think ill join you when i get out of class at 1
#chill #hangout #do nothing #relax #lounge
by sexyass12345678 October 11, 2012
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