so funny, caring and fun to be around. i'm skyping with her now lol
Maria: "Hey Jenn!"
Jenn: "Hey Maria. *turns to girl 1* She's so nice!!!"
Girl 1: "I know, everyone loves a Maria."
by tigereye123 September 06, 2011
Ryland wants to murder Maria with big penis
*Murdering maria with penis*
by Funny girl ok November 03, 2013
Her name is Maria Mendolia. She the most prettist girl you will ever meet, known to blow the minds of many men. Extremely talented and beautiful, and intelligent. Her eyes must her been cut from stars.
Maria mendolia is the prettiest girl i know and i wish i had.
by lehighton boy October 19, 2010
They got some attitude problems. Some are okay but some butt ugly. They try and act like they don't give a fuck but we all know they do. They always try to act like they better and always feel intimidated when a pretty girl is next to them. They would always either stare at the pretty girl or look at her up and down.
buy maria mugs & shirts
by Carlos789 May 22, 2012
Ugly, broke down looking indivdual who is the eptitome of white trash.
Damn, she looks like a Maria.
by Marisol9900 October 20, 2011
Lovely long-haired blonde girl, known to be extremely innocent, she reveals herself when she is comfortable enough with said person, she shows herself to be kind and she stores many emotions to herself, SHES SO CUTE, DON'T MAKE HER SUFFER.
Maria: Enfim
Maria: uhum
Maria: Ruiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
by Dyss. April 11, 2011
The hottest girl(Usually rich)at your school that nobody will ever get to fuck except if your a rich white preppy football player.A Maria can be of any race but mostly is one of those rare few super rich mexicans.
Guy#1-"hey dude did you see that one rich Mexican girl I was talking too yesterday?
Guy#2-" oh yeah dude to bad you will never get to tap that unless you win the lottery!!"
Guy#2-" wait..... no you have to be rich and play varsity football to even talk to her!! You don't meet here expectations you poor penis wrinkle."
Guy#1-"well I told her the time.... Does that count as a conversation?
Guy#2-"Nope your too gay and wats her name?
Guy#1-" it's Kate-
Guy#2-"No bitch she looks like a Maria"
by ericthecutebunny November 07, 2008

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