Maria is a very talented person who knows how to make someone smile. She is the person you would want to trust with anything in anyway! She can be outgoing at times but may also be shy. Maria is the kind of person who will put others before herself. She loves to challenge herself and is very competitive. She is also very generous and is always creating something new everyday!
boy1: Man! I wish my girl was like Maria!

boy2: Same dude!
goregous babe who will one day end up with a dude named charlie. she awlays gets guys with the finest abs. and always ends up with the bestfriend with an unusual name.
dude 1: man i wish i had a maria.
dude 2: charlie, you deserve a maria
by HotDudes June 02, 2012
a really really sexy girl, she amazingly beautiful and amazing at everything, shes an angel and your lucky to know a maria, every boy falls for her and take a while to get back up, she has massive tits and usually has a huge and amazing ass which attract all the boys
boy 1: DAAAAMMMNN look at her smokin ass its so sexy
boy 2: damnn she must be a maria
by annonomous3937 April 08, 2015
an amazing girl who always knows what to say, and how to make you laugh. beautiful, energetic, smart, and the best friend you could ever have:
"hey, is that maria?"
"yeah! she's my best friend!" (:
by bubblegirl7 August 18, 2011
A elegant, seductive, ingenious girl. Will kick you in the balls if necessary. Known to be astonishing, wild, and care free.
"Maria, is the name a lovable girl I have just met"
by mrls May 14, 2015
A funny,awesome,crazy, and creepy girl who just wants to have fun.
by monkeyzrule February 27, 2012
1.The perfect girl.
2.The most beautiful girl you can ever meet,wish you knew,or wish you had.
3.Unbeatable in arguements -.-
4.A girl with a smile to just simply love.
5.Someone who always understands you even tho you really don't make sense.
6.The only thing you need to continue living,right next to grape soda and chocolate of course.Oh and grapes..I like grapes!
Person #1:OMI HUEVOS!
Person #2:What??
Person#1:I just saw Maria!!!
Person #2: o.o
Person#1:>:l I love Maria!
by 6Marmar9 October 08, 2011

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