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A nickname for Molly or other wise known for ecstasy or MDMA. So instead of using molly as they do in the U.S.A. They would refer to Molly as Maria in Mexico or anywhere south of the border. Also they would refer to samba or tango or dance with her. When they "dancing" they are really referencing to using the drug.
"Hey Jose wanna go meet maria?"

" Yeah, okay Pedro I hope she will let me dance with her."
by Words of the day November 14, 2013
goregous babe who will one day end up with a dude named charlie. she awlays gets guys with the finest abs. and always ends up with the bestfriend with an unusual name.
dude 1: man i wish i had a maria.
dude 2: charlie, you deserve a maria
by HotDudes June 02, 2012
Ryland wants to murder Maria with big penis
*Murdering maria with penis*
by Funny girl ok November 03, 2013
The most generic latina girl name of all time
dude1: bro lookit that fine mexican chick! whats her name?
dude2: bruh i dunno, prolly sum like Maria
by frottbisquits October 04, 2012
most beautiful Afghan in da world (westside of course) who i might add did not go 2 da prom with Manir ( heart breaker)
maz u no i luv u
by nikerz June 23, 2004
an amazing girl who always knows what to say, and how to make you laugh. beautiful, energetic, smart, and the best friend you could ever have:
"hey, is that maria?"
"yeah! she's my best friend!" (:
by bubblegirl7 August 18, 2011
An absolutely beautiful Spanish girl, who likes a sexy American boy named Ethan. Very smart. Has the face of an angel, and eyes designed by God himself.
Man, that girl is a beautiful "Maria "
by Ethan Rice January 08, 2009